Golf VR – review

golf vrSports based virtual reality games are gradually increasing in number. Originally most of these early sports releases were sloppy and difficult to control however it seems we’re stepping in the right direction. Golf VR is a new golf game that enables you to play golf in a fully immersive environment.

Play virtual reality golf

Ok its no Tiger Woods but Golf VR is fairly easy to understand and play and works with most VR headsets such as GearVR or Google’s Cardboard. Choose your clubs (wood, iron, putter) by pointing to the desired club type. You then need to direct the shot golf vr shotsof the ball as well as the power used. The detailing on the landscape is pretty impressive and if you relax into it it really does feel like you are on a golf course. We do recommend you play with headphones as the ambient sounds (such as birds and water features) help create the golf experience.

If you are a golf fan and the weather is looking terrible then why bother getting your flashy golfing trousers all mucky. Simply load this VR game up and try and hit a hole in one. Currently GolfVR is available only from Google Play. Check out their site for more information or see the Golf VR trailer below for a look at the graphics and game play.

3 star

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