Google Cardboard – review

Ok we know that Google’s Cardboard has been out for some time now but lets face it, the big players like HTC, Samsung and Oculus are currently getting all the glory. Well we’ve decided to help right a wrong by A) giving the Cardboard some much needed publicity and B) write a review on what’s became a pivotal VR gadget.

Most people reading this have probably not come across the term Google Cardboard for if you’ve had you wouldn’t need to read this in the first place. Google Cardboard did to virtual reality what the Walkman did to portable music … it brought its subject matter masses, highly affordable and yet massively effective. So what is it all about? Well as you know Google spends a few billion each year on developing new tech and innovations. Google Cardboard is one of those experiments, created by Damien Henry and David Coz.  It was launched in the back end of 2014 and has since then gone on to sell over 5m units!

google cardboardGoogle Cardboard design

First things first. Google Cardboard is in itself pretty much a cardboard box with some clever lenses. To make the most of the Cardboard experience you need to download various apps and games from Google Play or iTunes. Once you’ve got the apps, you need to load them up on your smart phone and then insert it into the Cardboard headset. Google Cardboard works with most commonly sized smartphones however they have created a new version in 2015 which supports larger models. Ok well the tech spec we’ll give isn’t going to be ‘War and Peace’ as Google Cardboard is fairly simple in its make-up. The initial kit does involve some folding here and there (its mostly pre-creased for convenience) but follow the instructions and you should be all set to go within 5 – 10 minutes. It stays on your head by way of a velcro strap (optional) which does the trick but isn’t overly comfortable for long plays. You can control Cardboard by way of a strong magnet on the side and this is required for certain games   … and that’s about it. Then again what do you expect from a tenner!

Cardboard apps

paris google There are a plethora of apps out there now. Some designer such as Adult Swim have created VR apps specifically for Cardboard and we would highly recommend you download the Cardboard app itself. The Cardboard app perfectly utilises Google’s assets from Google Earth through to Google maps. If you’ve ever wanted to experience a certain city but not been able to get there yet then this is one for you.

We recommend you check out the collection of mobile gaming VR apps and games we review on a regular basis and if you’re now interested in trying out Cardboard for yourself then check out their own Google’s Get Cardboard site which lists loads of different and affordable headsets and where to buy them.


4 star rating