Google’s Daydream View Headset

So its been some time since Google launched their game changing headset Cardboard. For those unfamiliar with Cardboard it was a cheap and efficient way to unleash virtual reality to the masses … and it worked. You can now see pretty much every large tech company getting involved in AR and VR from Samsung and Facebook through to Sony and HTC. Lets face it Google’s Cardboard was a game changer.

So its with high anticipation that we heard Google have developed and will be releasing a new VR headset next month in San Francisco called Daydream View. Google have positioned it to take on the likes of Samsung’s Gear and mid-range VR headsets the Daydream View will be compatible with Daydream Ready phones.

Google’s Daydream View

google So what’s the difference between Daydream and Cardboard? Well for starters its appearance. The Daydream is not made up of cardboard but a contemporary slate coloured, breathable fabric. According to Google’s Clay Bavor, Daydream is also around 30% lighter than “similar devices” so will result in added comfort.

In addition this headset (unlike Samsung’s Gear) will pair up with the smartphone wirelessly making it a lot easier to use. Other clever features of the Daydream including auto-alignment of the picture once you’ve placed your smartphone in the correct position so no more faffing around.

When it comes to interaction the Daydream will come with a wireless controller that can be charged via USB. Unlike the Gear’s buttons on the headset Google’s Daydream will mean your hands free to move around and interact will make for a more intuitive and immersive virtual reality experience.

Google’s behemoth buying power also means that over 50 games and apps will be launching alongside Daydream incl using a special JK Rowling (Harry Potter fame) experience entitled ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’

We understand that the headset will go for around $79 so keep and eye out for this cool piece of kit for we’re sure Google will be PR’ing it BIG time, especially before Xmas. Check out Google’s VR site for more info.

Thanks to Google for the use of their images to portray the Daydream.