Hat Trick Header – VR soccer

hat trick headerDesigned from the ground up for VR Hat Trick Header is a great option for all soccer fans out there.

Developer by No-Pact this competitive game has you trying to hit as many targets as possible by heading the ball … using your actual head. Yep you heard us right, your head is the controller!

Virtual reality footy

The action takes place in a number of colorful Brazilian backdrops (the home of football) including the iconic Copacabana beach and the legendary Maracana stadium.

So how does it work? Well in Hat Trick Header balls fly over the goal’s cross bar towards you. You then have to direct them to hit the various targets that are floating around you. Ideally you’ll build up a streak of target hits which helps to accumulate a high score. Action is fast-paced and reminiscent of great arcade action.

soccer vrThere are currently 18 different levels to choose from each of which gets progressively more difficult (especially the moving targets).

Hat Trick Header is also a great multiplayer game so if you’ve got your pals round you can challenge them and play it locally.

Overall a great looking VR title, game mechanics are solid as is the soundtrack. Action is fast-paced and reminiscent of great arcade action, a must for any soccer fan

Minimum system requirements: HTC ViveOS: Windows 8.1 / Processor: Intel i5-4590 / Memory: 4 GB RAM / Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970

Download it now from STEAM.

4 stars