Heaven Island Life – review

heaven island vrEver watched the film Sunshine where a crew travel into space to drop a payload on the sun? If you have you will remember a scene where the ships crew can go into a large blank room and choose their background so they could feel connected with Earth once again. One of the crew chooses a relaxing beach scene with all accompanying paraphernalia from swaying palms through to crisp white sand. If you’ve ever wanted to experience this scene but are unable to access it then Heaven Island Life is the next best thing.

Created exclusively for the HTC Vive and published by Chubby Pixel, creators of some great gaming titles, Heaven Island plays an important role in the story of virtual reality experiences. Once you’ve loaded the game up you’re immediately transported to a lush, tropical beach scene and then you can start exploring.

Experience tropical life in VR

Using the Vive’s controller you’ll use the left trigger to pick up stones for zen gardens or throw into the ocean and the right trigger to tele-port to different locations throughout the island. One thing to bear in mind is that the game is a MMO so expect others to be on the island, however it is easy to find a place to be on your own if you so wish. There are multiple locations each with their own unique look and feel. Wether its walking through a sandy woodland or appreciating the architecture of a cliff based hotel you can really immerse yourself in the environment.

heaven island vr

The graphics are pretty impressive and the developer has thought of most aspects including detailed wispy like clouds and tropical fish swimming just below the surface. The sense of scale it achieves in this virtual reality island is also very impressive. However its the ingenious soundtrack that brings Heaven Island Life to ‘life’. If you stand in any spot within the game you’ll hear atmospheric and exhilarating sounds from the deafening crickets through to slowly lapping waves. They all add to the serene nature of the game.

If you’re looking for a VR experience that takes you away from space battles and zombie shooting into a more calm, peaceful world then look no further than Heaven Island Life.

Download it today from STEAM.

4 stars