Hidden Temple VR – review

Based loosely on the classic adventure films like Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider, Hidden Temple VR takes you on an exciting VR experience to uncover the mysterious treasures. If you’ve ever wanted to step into a mysterious ancient society full of intrigue and danger then this game should be right up your alley.

Virtual reality hidden temple

hidden temple vrHidden Temple by Handygames is a traditional point and click adventure where you have to locate and use various ancient artefacts to solve puzzles and progress through the temple. The graphics and 3D environments in Hidden Temple are colourful and fun and the 360° views are not jerky or cumbersome. There are some great sounds to accompany the game play as you delve deeper and deeper into the temple.

To be honest Hidden Temple VR is a bit of light relief and change from all the space shooter virtual reality games that are currently flooding the market. Overall its good fun and should appeal to all ages. You can download Hidden Temple VR from both the App Store and Google Play.

5 star rating

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