HoloGirls – virtual reality porn

hologirl vidVirtual porn maybe in its infancy but Hologirl Productions (the guys behind HoloGirlsVR) have certainly taken the proverbial bull by the horns and gone in full steam ahead. So what’s the fuss all about? Well HoloGirls is a great resource offering an abundance of adult videos that puts you in the centre of the action so you can move away from looking at your 2D screen and for the first time get a real immersive feel; the rest they say is up to you.

First thing first. You need a VR headset. It could be a cheaper DIY job (like Google Cardboard) or an all expenses Rift or Samsung Gear. Either way you need a screen attached to your nogin. You get what you pay for in life – so if you want a quality, comfortable more realistic experience go with a pricier headset (check out our VR headset guide).

Great VR porn

adult vrOnce you’ve sorted out your headset you can now download HoloGirl videos. There are all types of videos featuring girls performing various actions. Some of the videos have you as a spectator whilst others have you right in the action (see screen images). There are videos when there is just one girl performing such as or ones where there are up to 3 models such as ‘Heaven’ featuring the talented Kayden Kross, Abella Danger and Ana Foxxx. The good news is that with HoloGirls they use their ‘NoSick™’ process ensuring that you enjoy the films without any VR sickness.

If you’re not sure we suggest you check out HoloGirl free demo’s which give you a good taste. Keep your eyes peeled as Hologirl productions will be releasing content on a regular basis.

4 star rating