HordeZ – review

hordezWe’ve reviewed quite a number of virtual reality shooting games and one thing we’ve found is that they seem to get better and better – thankfully HordeZ, by ZensVR, does not buck this trend.

Hordez has been created for the Oculus Rift and Vive and cleverly has helped overcome the nausea feeling when moving in VR by placing you on a floating board that moves around a set path in this virtual environment. Although this may seem counter-intuitive for virtual reality which is meant to provide fully immersive environments it does actually work pretty well.

Like other classic zombie shooter games your objective is to help defeat increasingly harder waves of zombies. Initially they may come from a straight direction which is simple enough but then you best get ready to arm yourself when they come from four different paths.!

VR zombie shooting

The zombies may be hard but the developers have provided you with a sweet set of guns to ensure you are able to protect yourself. There’s the classic machine gun and pistol but also weapons that are harder to use and require pin point accuracy such as throwing knives and grenades.

Overall graphics are spot on the sound effects are well polished – there’s nothing like hearing and watching a well placed bullet fly through a zombies head.
horderz If you’re looking for a fun and fast paced virtual reality zombie slaying game then Hordez is a strong contender. Check out the game trailer below.

The Zens VR site has all the info you need to keep abreast of developments.

4 stars