House of the dying sun

house of the dying sunIf you’re a fan of space battle combat games then House of the dying sun is a great game that’s worth playing. Available for both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive you take the perspective of a star fighter who has to battle the usurpers of an emperor who has just died.

Strapped into the cockpit its your task to take command of the Harbinger Fleet, issues commands to your troops and basically annihilate your enemies. Expect dog fights and bitter AI enemies whose mission is to blow you to smithereens.

A great VR space shooter

If you’ve ever played the likes of TIE fighter then you’ll get a flavour of what House of the dying sun is trying to achieve. Individual battles that you get mixed up in are exciting, frantic fun however its also great to see the whole battle field by pulling out, giving you an overview.

house of the dying sun When you are in battle overview mode there are a number of features to help you win the battle. You can issues orders to other vessels under your command, pause time and even switch to another vessel for a different perspective. With the added immersion you experience from the VR it truly feels like you’re taking control of the unfolding battle in space.

Overall there are 14 campaign scenarios to play. Its not the longest game we’ve come across but is still entertaining. The graphics are pretty impressive with some great attention given to the detailing. The sound also works well especially in the battle scenes.

There are a growing number of VR space games out on the market however House of the dying sun is one of the better titles available

Recommended system requirements: OS: Windows 10 / Processor: Intel i5-4590 / Memory: 4 GB / Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 / Storage: 2 GB / Dual analog gamepads and keyboard & mouse modes are officially supported.

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4 stars