HTC VIVE launch news

htc vive If you haven’t yet heard, HTC will be shipping out their new Vive headset in early April 2016, with (we might add) quite a hefty price tag of around £650 to be precise. Most people have kicked off about the audacity of HTC to roll out with such a high price, ensuring that it really will not appeal to the ‘masses’ for quite sometime. That said 27 years ago we remember paying well over £150 for the first Gameboy, super expensive back then, and look what happened to it. Also think about the PlayStation 3 which launched at £300 and became one of the best selling consoles ever. Bear in mind though that the Vive’s nearest competitor, the Oculus Rift is looking to launch almost £150 cheaper!

Before you look to invest in all this VR gaming fun remember that you need a very powerful PC to before you can even start. This is one of the reasons the Playstation VR is looking like a more like a main-stream gaming VR machine whilst the Rift and Vive will appeal to the hard-core gamers.

HTC VIVE Package

In its favour the Vive will come pre-packaged with a couple of games ‘Job Simulator’ and ‘Fantastic Contraption’. Both of which require immersion wireless motion controllers that will come packaged with it. The HTC VIVE version that was showcased at the htc graphicMWC conference this week was a lot sleeker looking than the original VIVE and had a strong retro look to it. The Vive headset will feature a 1200 x 1080 display for each eye resulting in crystal sharp virtual worlds. You also get a refresh rate of 90Hz meaning there will be no lag so the immersive VR worlds of the Vive will be hugely realistic and life like.

Those who buy it now they are well ahead of the curve as the games available for it are limited and the cost high. However they will be the envy of their neighbours for as soon as you switch on that headset you’re in for a real treat.