HTC VIVE – review

vive kitHTC is another tech giant that will be releasing their latest VR headset around April time this year. Created in conjunction with VALVE (their games creation unit) it is certainly going to pack a punch. So what do you have in store?

As you can see from the images design-wise the VIVE certainly looks different with all its sensors. It has been ergonomically created for maximum enjoyment and comfort. The headset can be easily adjusted and even those who need to wear glasses will find it comfortable. In fact there are swappable foam inserts to protect your precious little noses. Unlike other headsets that will be launched HTC’s comes with an integrated camera meaning you can actually view your surroundings whilst donning the headset so no more walking into the wall.

Is the VIVE any good?

The VIVE will offer full room 360 degrees and there will be trackable, simple to use wireless controllers resulting in great game play. HTC has always been known for their top quality bright phone screens and this tech knowledge is passed through into the headset as it will feature high res graphics and a refresh rate of 90 frames per second!

The basestation that will come with the VIVE is pretty small and quiet and yet still gives solid and accurate tracking required for a faultless virtual reality experience. The wireless controllers have dual-stage trigger buttons, home button and a touchpad. Expect top quality sound thanks to HTC’s integrated speakers. There will also be the option of using your own tin-cans if you want truly immersive sound.

htc vive backMultiple games and demos have been created for the VIVE including Secret Shop, Quar VR, Tilt Brush, theBlu and many more. Unfortunately the computer needed to work the VIVE (and Oculus Rift to that point) will need to be pretty powerful and could cost more than a grand. However this price is only going to drop over time meaning it will become more accessible to the casual gamer.

If you can’t wait for the launch of the HTC Vive or simply want to experience horror of the VR variety then head down to East London where between 19/03 to 03/04 you can experience ‘Virtually Dead’ where you will don a headset and be faced with real terrifying actors.

We recommend you check out HTCs site for more info and videos on this great VR headset.

4 star rating