I Slay Zombies VR Shooter Review

If there’s one thing that most people have in common is that they find shooting zombies fun. Well lets face it when the evil dead gets their just-deserts it’s generally well deserved … especially in the hands of an uzil! If getting knee-deep in zombie shooting isn’t your thing then we recommend you stop reading however if you want to experience a fully immersive VR first-person shooter defendthen I Slay Zombies should be an instant download.

The premise is that it’s your task to escape a town that has been populated by zombies; I can feel your trigger finger itching for action. Zombies continue to create havoc, in fact there are increasingly difficult waves of them so it’s your job to not get eaten! You have a large arsenal of weapons from the close combat (but messy) chainsaw through to the accurate and powerful sniper. So how does it play? Well for starters expect full 360 environments so make sure they don’t come up from behind. The graphics are sharp and colourful and help bring the story to life. Importantly the controls are pretty intuitive and for extra atmosphere there is 3D positional sounds. You can find the game on either Google Play or iTunes and it plays best when you have a headset. Check out the I Slay Zombies trailer below.

4 star rating