Immerse virtual reality headset review

The Immerse VR headset is one of the latest headsets devised for your smart phone. Just like many other reality headsets this one helps a user to immerse him/ herself into the virtual reality world – and what a great job it does too. Read below for our review on the headset.

We bought this from (£29.99) in December 2015 after making sure it was compatible with our iPhone (fits most smart phones sized between 3.5 to 5’7 inches wide). Thankfully the headset has been ergonomically designed to add comfort for long periods of play including an adjustable head band and useful foam supports around the eye and nose areas.

immersiveThe Immerse was simple to use. Firstly load up the app you want to experience, we tried ‘Air Race Vr’, then open up the headset case and place your smart phone (screen down) into the headset.  Place the headset on and adjust the lens until the image is clear and the app starts playing.

We’re not going to review Air Race on this review (needless to say it’s one of our faves) however we can tell you that the headset stayed in place comfortably and efficiently throughout the 15 minutes we tested it for.

Overall the Immerse VR is one of the best virtual reality headsets on the market and is a good start for those looking to get into the world of 3D.

3 star rating



Retailers selling the Immerse VR headset include FIREBOX – £29.99