InCell VR – review

incell vr screen InCell is one of very few completed Oculus games on the market that’s’ now available as a Steam download. In Cell VR has been developed by Nival Vr and is in essence a racing and exploratory game where you whizz around a human cell encountering all sorts of structures.

If you can recall the entertaining 80’s film ‘Inner Space’ you may remember that a person (and their mobile unit) were shrunk to a tiny size and injected into a person. The same applies to InCell in which you are miniaturised and injected into a human. However this time it’s your goal to help cure a person suffering from influenza by delivering a vaccine into the heart of the influenza cells.

InCell gameplay

The game play is from the perspective of a first person pilot and you spend your time racing around the tubes of your host. There is definitely an element of trying to beat the clock as you race past green gates to boost speed and trying to avoid the red gates. Thankfully your vehicle is 100% customisable and you can add various extras to help with your journey. The currency used for power ups are protein icons which are picked up as you race around. Over time the levels becoming longer and harder to achieve in the time limit you have.

So the game play is good fun, what about the graphics? Well overall they are colourful and entertaining and the framerate is fast enough to help create the feeling that you’re actually travelling inside someone (albeit the surroundings look more alien than human. The soundtrack is also pretty decent and your treated to some decent beats as you’re racing around. Overall it’s a good game that shows what can be accomplished with virtual reality racers. Incell Vr is certainly worth a download if you’re into this game genre.

Minimum Requirements for InCell: Oculus Runtime 7+ is required. Operating System – Windows 7/8/8.1/10. Processor: Intel or AMD Dual-Core CPU with 2.8 GHz. Memory: 4 GB RAM.

Download InCell VR from STEAM

4 star rating