Insurgent VR – VR film

insurgent vrIf you’re a fan of the Insurgent trilogy series that came out last year you’ll want to check out this short VR film. The Insurgent VR app was co-produced by Kite & Lightning and Lionsgate films to help promote the films to an audience interested in virtual reality.

In this app, named Shatter Reality, you find yourself stuck in a laboratory of sorts and have to navigate your way out by using various dream techniques. There are three scenes in all that take you through various situations. When we viewed it there were a couple of highlights for us including the eerie looking city that’s been destroyed as well as the large flocks of crows that fly straight into you making you duck for cover.

Shatter reality VR

Overall the virtual reality is pretty good as they use a mix of 3D video and the Unreal Engine to achieve an immersive experience. It’s also good to see original members of the film including the likes of Kate Winslet. Although the film is fairly short and the plot line pretty weak in parts we think it’s worth a moment of your time and gives you a glimpse of what the future holds from these talented developers. Download Insurgent Shatter Reality for free from the App store.

2 star rating

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