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jaunt vidsJaunt is one of those rare gems that makes it all seem worthwhile. So what have they done exactly? Well some years ago the Jaunt team began research and development on a quality cinematic VR camera they named NEO. What NEO did was enable the Jaunt guys to transport you directly into a new world where you are in the middle of the action and have a 360 degree vision of sight – here’s a great quote from the chairman of Dolby “The creative community is going to blow our minds with this technology over the coming years” – strong words from such a large company.

Jaunt, VR Video

Firstly, you need to download the Jaunt app from either iTunes or Google Play. Once installed load it up and immerse yourself into some great VR content. At the time of writing there were over 30 different videos you could download from their site. If you’re a music fan we recommend you check out Paul McCartney playing his hit single (and theme to the Bond film) ‘Live and jaunt cameraLet Die‘ at San Fran’s Candlestick Park. There’s also a fantastic WW2 VR film titled ‘The Mission’ that is also certainly worth downloading, check out the trailer below. If you’ve always been interested in visiting North Korea but were a bit wary of the politics then download ‘Inside North Korea‘ where Bob Woodruff takes you on trip around the country as it celebrates its Worker’s Party.

It may be in its infancy but Jaunt has a lot of potential. We believe the app is a staple for all VR enthusiasts and we’re hoping it will provide inspiration to a larger audience to experiment and make their own content for viewers. You can obtain great Jaunt VR material on their site. Alternatively if you’re lucky enough to be around certain events and conferences you can check out Jaunt’s demos in real (well virtual) life.

5 star rating

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