Joanna Angel Facesitting VR

vr facesitDescription
Some men like to get up close and VERY personal with a woman’s pussy … so porn studios created facesitting. Now that we’ve got virtual reality you can get soooo close you can almost smell it. Legends of VR facesitting Hologirls (with their upskirt collection) have come up with a great new movie featuring the hot buxom babe Joanna Angel. Watch as Joanna stands on-top of you and squats down revealing her pussy in all its glory. Using her finger she spreads her labia to give you an even closer look. Looking for more hot VR facesitting action?

Featured stars
Joanna Angel

11 minutes

VR perspective/ Quality
220 degree / 60 FPS / Binaural sound / 3D

Facesitting / Close up pussy / Upskirt

VR compatibility
Oculus Rift/ Smart phones / Samsung Gear

Movie rating

4 stars



vr facesitting


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