Jump VR – review

Jump, by Endeavour One, is one of only a handful of games on the Samsung Gear that enables you to run freely within the game. Its title pretty much sums up the essence of what you have to do … jump … from rooftop to rooftop. jump vr If you’re a gamer and previously played MirrorsEdge you’ll get a feel of what Jump is all about.

The plot line isn’t going to win any Booker prize in that you simply have to get to the next ascending roof top safely in the fewest jumps and the graphics aren’t particularly impressive, compared to some other first person games out there, however its the game play that should be admired.

Jump off the edge VR

If you’ve seen those urban free climbers on YouTube you’ll know how bloody scary it is to jump from one handrail to another. Now take that and pretend your jumping (or leaping like Wolverine) between platforms at skyscraper height … in virtual reality.  There are in fact five world cities to conquer including Detroit and Tokyo so expect some interesting landscapes.

If you’ve got vertigo you’ll probably want to give Jump a miss that said if you’ve got vertigo this is probably a good game to beat it. Overall its a fun (but fairly short) game that should keep you occupied for a couple of hours.

Download Jump from STEAM or check out the game trailer below.

Available both for the Oculus Rift and Gear.

3 star