KinoVR – review

kino virtual realityIf you’ve ever fancied turning your run-of-the-mill headset into a full powered virtual reality treat (such as an expensive Oculus or HTV Vive) but don’t have the cash, then KinoVR should be your go-to application.

Kino have been creating smart tech solutions for sometime now including their EpocCam which turned your smartphone into a HD webcam and KinoConsole which enabled you to stream PC games to your tablet or phone. So it’s no surprise that the Kino guys moved into the virtual reality market.

Streaming HD virtual reality

Firstly, and most importantly, we want to let you know that the installation and set up of Kino is not that straightforward but once complete its worth it.

kino vrThankfully Kino have various written and video guides on getting started but be warned it is tricky. Once you’ve installed the latest KinoVR PC server application you need to launch the KinoVR app from the start menu. You need to enable head tracking  and calibrate lens distance and make sure the visuals are rendered into 3D. Once complete you launch the mobile app on your smartphone and wait until it connects with the PC. Then you’re good to go and enjoy great quality virtual reality content on your Google Cardboard. It really does work and will certainly impress friends and family.

KinoVR really is a clever way of removing the cost boundary associated with expensive headsets. Of course the likes of Vive and Rift have a lot more additional features and functionality and the adage ‘You get what you pay for in life‘ is true; however KinoVR is a good substitution.  Note that you do need a powerful PC ideally one with a Intel Core i5 processor.

The KinoVR app is currently  only available from iTunes and here are some genuine, official reviews:

“Amazing cost effective alternative. I use mainly with FSX and TrackIR for a truly immersive experience”.

“Almost everything works fine and as it should, it links perfectly to my pc”.

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4 stars



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Check the Kino site for more information on the app and set up.