Kittypocalypse VR – review

KittypocalypseYou know you’re in for a zany ride when you realise that the villains in this game are evil aliens that have decided to take the form of cute little kitty cats … welcome to the world of Kittypocalypse! To try and summarise this virtual reality game it uses ‘tower defence’ as its mechanic and just like other similar games you need to survive waves of these evil cats by building and upgrading various defences.
Of course the difference with Kittypocalypse compared to other tower defence games you’ve played is that it uses VR to really engage the user and absorb them into the game play. Currently there’s only one environment you can test (a desert landscape) however Bolverk Games (Danish developers) have claimed there will be over 20 different environments, frozen mountains to lush forest, in which to take down the evil kitty’s.

Great Vr strategy game

Kittypocalypse uses both visual directions as well as a game pad to help you pick out towers and upgrade them and overall it works pretty well indeed. You can take a birds eye view of the chaos that’s happening on the battlefield or get really down and dirty and float down to watch the kitty’s get pulverised.
Kittypocalypse vrAs you can see from the screen shot the graphics are comicy and have been well created for smoothness without any jarring. The soundtrack to Kittypocalypse works well with the gameplay and overall it’s a great package.
It’s a good fun game that doesn’t take life too seriously and if you enjoy strategy games then this should be a must have. Initially it will be available on the Oculus Rift in Q2 year this year before rolling out on the Vive and Playstation VR later on in the year.

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4 stars