Lamper VR Firefly Rescue review

lamper vrLamper Firefly may have taken some time to arrive after the first successful instalment ‘First Flight’ but it has finally and how good it is!  As we’ve come to expect from developers Archiact Interactive the graphics are marvellous and the controls and both intuitive and easy to use making this one of the most well-rounded VR games currently on the market.

In a nut-shell your goal is to help a cheeky looking orange lightning bug find his kidnapped friends and save the world. Control wise you simply turn on the game, strap on your headset and move your head to control Lamper around his world. If you’re playing with Google’s cardboard V2 you can use their conductive buttons to shoot fireballs.

Overall it’s a great example of early VR gaming and we can only imagine Archiact developing a lot more games in the years ahead.

3 star rating