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fleshlight ipadIf you’re a man and not yet come across the Fleshlight we feel sorry for you, you’ve being missing out. Fleshlight is the number one men’s sex toy which brings sensational stimulation to your cock. There are numerous versions of the Fleshlight, some have different textures, some are modeled on the pussies of your fave porno stars and some like the review we’re about to give bring a virtual reality theme to masturbation – let us present LaunchPAD.

Now first things first you do need to own an iPad (compatible with iPad 2, third and fourth gen) and a Fleshlight in order to use the Launchpad. What it is is a way for you to enjoy your favourite porn videos at the same time as enjoying your Fleshlight. It’s also a great way to be intimate with those who you enjoy a bit of face time with.

Virtual reality sex gadgets

Made from flexible and durable material the LaunchPad fits snugly onto the iPad by way of a velcro strap and at the same time giving you access to the iPad controls. There are also useful hand grips on each side so you can really go full out and give your Fleshlight a good hammering. The LaunchPAD is by no means a pricey piece of kit but rather an accessory so if you have not already got yourself a Fleshlight then check out the great value PAD and Light bundles.

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4 stars


If you want to up the levels of interaction you have with a partner or are looking at the world of teledildonic’s (remote sex) then the Onyx by Kiiroo is a must have virtual sex gadget.  This supreme masturbator is one of the world’s finest gadgets and features 10 contracting rings to bring pleasure to your penis.

The Onyx uses incredible realistic materials so it really does feel like you are penetrating a pussy. The cushion within the Onyx is a top of the range Fleshlight sleeve which as we’ve shown is the leading men’s sex toy. As soon as you put your cock into this expect sparks to fly as the contracting rings grip your manhood based on the movement on a touch pad (solo play),  when its paired with a Pearl (vibrator for the ladies) or if you are synched to some online adult content.

Kiiroo have their own chat platform which allows you to connect with a partner (or stranger if you so wish) so you can both experience sexual pleasure without having to be in the same place. Once connected you can watch each other get in all sorts of adult mischief in real-time via the screen and feel the sensation in real time on your cock. Come on guys you’ve got to be pretty impressed with that. The future’s bright, the future’s teledildonics!

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five star rating