Lexus Virtual Drive – VR racing

lexus racing A Lexus is not a cheap purchase, especially a racing edition. So when we heard we could experience the thrill of a race in one of these elegant machines, for free, we had to check it out. Lexus Virtual Drive was developed by Hammerhead VR who are specialists in virtual reality video. The VR experience was originally created for the Geneva Motor Show last year  where people could try it out with an Oculus however this proved to be very popular so an app was created so anyone with a headset can experience it.

Virtual reality driving game

With Lexus Virtual Drive you take the perspective of the racing driver who is racing around the high speed Ascari circuit in Spain and as the race progresses the action intensifies and you feel yourself holding on to your seat for dear life. Its filmed with a 360 degree lens so its a very immersive experience. Along with a drivers perspective  you get to see the action from track side as well as from the car itself which gives you the feeling of great speed and excitement. Lexus Virtual Drive isn’t the longest app we’ve seen (around 3 minutes) however its a fun VR taster and we’re looking forward to what the guys at Hammerhead will come up with next.

Download the Lexus driving app from either App Store or Google Play. Alternatively check out the Hammerhead VR site.

4 stars



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