LG 360 VR – review

lg vrIt doesn’t come as any huge surprise when we heard that LG were going to get involved in VR tech. Most of their competitors are about to (plan to) launch their own VR headsets over the coming months. LG’s offering is akin to the Oculus Rift in that it has two separate screens (1.8-inch IPS displays) each for one eye; its more like a pair of glasses than a strap on headset.

LG 360 VR any good?

With their VR headset LG have got a lot right BUT have also let themselves down with some basic flaws (‘less haste more speed’ comes to mind). So what are the 360 VR positive traits? Well for one the headset is one of the lightest around weighing it at just 117 grams resulting in comfort over a longer duration. The headset also does not require an expensive PC as it plugs straight into the impressive LG G5 smartphone (via a type-C cable). Although the resolution (960×720) is lower than an Oculus rift it is still higher than the resolution you would get from staring at your smart phone. The headset uses two buttons on the top right side which enable you to navigate the menu including the preloaded demo’s you get with the headset.

So what are its weaknesses. Well for starters it unfortunately doesn’t block out all the light! Yes we had the same ‘whaaattt’ moment but the 360 VR does let in light around the top and bottom which impacts the quality of the image. This is probably due to its light weight but we would have preferred a 100% black out and a slightly heavier headset. The LG360 also has a fairly low frame rate compared to some top-end headsets resulting in increased motion blur.

Overall the LG 360 VR headset is a good stab at what a top quality VR headset should be like but lets itself down through small detailing. It’s likely LG will create various iterations of their headset as virtual reality becomes more mainstream … and we’re looking forward to seeing what they have in store.

3 star rating