Lost in the Ocean – VR survival

lost in the oceanDescription
If you’ve ever wanted to shipwreck yourself on an island like Tom Hanks (and Wilson) in Cast Away then ‘Lost in the Ocean‘  is the game for you. Created for the HTC Vive this VR game has you at first solving your first 3 key challenges – water, food and shelter. Then you need to work out how to get off it by crafting the resources you’ve found dotted around. Its an interesting twist on those Escape room games but this time your on a sun drenched island.

The graphics are pretty decent as is the sound. The VR movement though could do some with some work and there are reviews on STEAM where gamers have felt a bit nauseous. Overall a fun game to kill a few hours.

Game categories
Arcade / Shooter

VR compatible 
HTC Vive 

Minimum requirements 
OS: Windows 7  | Processor: Intel i7 | Memory: 8 GB RAM | Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060

TheRealitySandwich rating

3 star



STEAM rating

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