Mad Race VR – review

Driving games are perfectly positioned for a 3D experience. Sure we’ve got fond memories of Out Run in the 80s but lets face it, it was a bit hmmm restrictive. So expect to see a wave of new driving and motor vehicle VR apps and this one from the developers at Fibrum doesn’t disappoint.

madraceSo what’s Mad Race all about then? Well the clue is pretty much in the name. You’re basically strapped into a buggy and driven around by a lunatic driver. You have free reign to look around you as the carnage continues including exploding cars and a tornado. The buggy goes through lots of jumps and stunts and at times it does feel like you forget you’re in your lounge and actually on a crazy race. Of course you’ll need a 3D headset and a smartphone in order to play Mad Race and it is worth it to get a feel of where VR is heading. Overall the graphics are top notch and its another strong offering from Fibrum but the app is a little too short.

3 star rating