MAX – male masturbator VR

male sex vr toyLet’s face it, a long term relationship with your palm is never a good thing. Sure we like the familiarity your hand may achieve but now and again its good to feel something a little different … and that’s where MAX comes in.

MAX is the latest male masturbator by Lovense that’s going to get you to climax like you never climaxed before. Forget the Fleshlight and other textured tubes and sleeves Lovense have been making sex toys since 2011 and MAX has it all. So what makes MAX different to the other products out there?

Well firstly this isn’t any ordinary male sex toy as this one can be controlled by your smartphone! The core of MAX is an extremely soft , water resistant elastic sleeve designed to fit 95% of men. They’ve also added an air pumping design that helps you control the level of suction on your cock. If you want to feel what its like to get a blowjob at any time of day then MAX is going to be your best pal.

VR male masturbator

Via the smartphone you can control the various levels of vibration from low to high and you can also control the air pump setting to get a sensational feeling on your penis. Well that’s all good and well we here you say – why is it virtual? Well thanks to the Lovense app this toy max sex toydoesn’t have to be just used by you as it can be controlled 100’s of miles away by a partner. All they need to do is download the app, you add them as a friend and they can tease and stimulate you; perfect for a long distance relationship. Just make sure you know which of your ‘friends’ is turning you on!!

Of course if you’re not the selfish type you’ll want to think about your missus and that’s when NORA comes in. Again this is an adult sex you for the ladies that you can control via an app. So on one hand she can be changing the suction on your MAX whilst you increase the vibrations of NORA and you could be doing this on separate continents. Isn’t modern technology wonderful.

You can buy both the MAX and NORA toys from the LOVENSE site.

4 stars



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