Mega Spacehole – review

mega spaceholeThis is one for the Gear VR owners out there as Mega Spacehole has been exclusively built for this headset. Developers Furious Union (makers of Wolfcry and Meridia) have created a fantastic new VR space shooter that is reminiscent of some of the classic arcade shooters of the 70s like Galaga and Asteroids.

In Mega Spacehole VR you are positioned inside a sphere and have defeat the waves of enemies that spawn within it. You must avoid enemy collisions for after your third collision its game over. You shoot down enemies by looking to aim which automatically fires. Although levels get progressively harder you have an increasing array of power ups such as freezing time or health aids to help you beat a level.

Mega Spacehole gameplay

Mega Spacehole is certainly good value for money as there are 30 levels of pulsating virtual reality action to get stuck into. The graphics are spot on without any jagging VR issues. The sound is also consistent with the frenetic game play making for an overall strong VR game.

Check the FuriousUnion website for more info on Mega Spacehole. Alternatively download it from WeAreVR.

4 stars