Mervils – open world

mervilsVitruviusVR have managed to create a rare beast … a decent quality open world RPG platformer built for virtual reality. Presenting the highly acclaimed ‘MERVILS

The first thing you’ll notice is that its a third person game. A lot of gamers pour scorn on this format in VR, yes it may be less immersive however it does work well as an in-between format and keeps you fully engaged.

Designed for both Rift and Vive you control a warrior as he crosses through various locations (or Mervils) which you are able to journey across and prevent the emerging enemy Balazar from taking hold.

The game has a variety of game mechanics from puzzle solving and boss bashing through to finnding all manner of collectables that you will use in your quest. f

Top notch VR platformer

mervils vrOver the course of your VR adventure you will come across an abundance of enemies so thankfully you are able to upgrade your weapons and armour and although you start with a simple set up you can expect to be wielding axes, bracers and much more. In addition to hand held weapons there are some cool large contraptions such as catapults that you can use to take out Balazars forces.

To sum up if you enjoyed playing the likes of Mario or Zelda i.e. large scale, colourful platformers then you’ll enjoy playing Mervils. Fun graphic, a great soundtrack and longevity – what more do you want from your VR platformer.

Recommended requirements: OS – Windows 8 / Processor: Intel Core i5-4590 / Memory: 4 GB RAM / Graphics: Geforce GTX 970

Download Mervils from STEAM

4 stars