Mr Cardboard VR Headsets

mr cardboard headsetOver the past few months we’ve seen an increasing number of developers and designers dive into the lucrative VR headset market. Some have done a good job, investing money on development however some have been poor to say the least. We’re pleased to say the guys over at Mr Cardboard have done themselves proud with the latest Cardboard virtual reality headset. Mr Cardboard is a German business company that has been making award-winning and colourful cardboard headsets for some time now.


It certainly was no mean feat to trump their previous model the POP! Cardboard 1.0 but they’ve gone and done it with the latest iteration – Cardboard 2.5. With the new version you get your standard kit including the pre-cut cardboard headset, 2 x biconvex lenses and a rubber band to secure your smart phone in place; you also get a moustached man if so required. As you can see there is a colourful new design and it has been paint sealed to avoid damage from sweat and oil. To control VR games on your cardboard it comes with controls for your thumb and there is a cut-out which can be used for augmented reality.

In addition you should have the feel-good factor when wearing a POP! Cardboard as A) its made from 90% recycled cardboard and B) for every headset sold they donate to charity.

cardboard imageOverall this is one of the best cardboard headsets you can buy. Its affordable, stylish, comfortable and built by the efficient nation on Earth. What’s not to like.

Buy it from the MR CARDBOARD site today.

4 star rating