New mobile VR games

The amount of new and exciting virtual reality games for your smartphone grows at a spectacular pace. We thought we would help you sort through all the dross by reviewing some of the current top rated mobile VR games. All the games below are available from Google Play (Android) but they may also be available in iTunes. So in no particular order we’ve got …

space x hunterSpace X Hunter

As a member of the Space X Hunters gang its your duty to protect the galaxy from your enemies, the planet eaters.. You begin your missions from the mother ship and from there explore and take down the bad guys before they eat up the whole dam solar system. Pick up various bonuses and power-ups but don’t fly too near to planets! Good graphics and an atmospheric soundtrack along with solid controls help to make this game a certain download for any space shooter fans. Download Space X Hunter.


run4fun vrRun4Fun

You’ve seen everyone playing those runner games on their smartphones, well know you can actually be in the game. Run along various brightly coloured courses in the clouds trying to avoid obstacles and keep on track. This game does not require any separate controller but quick reactions and agility. Its got some very positive reviews in Google Play and is certainly worth a look. Download Run4Fun.


vr fantasy gameVR Fantasy

We’ve seen a few virtual reality dungeon explorer games this year but VR Fantasy is certainly one of the best. If you’ve ever wanted to experience what it might be like to take the perspective of Zelda then this is for you. Firstly its important to note that VR Fantasy does require a controller. So what do you do? Well basically explore is the name of the game. Check the huge maze-like dungeon, take on ferocious creatures and locate powerful weapons to aid you in your quest. Overall a solid and impressive FPS. Download VR Fantasy.


sinister edgeSinister Edge

If you enjoy playing creepy psychological horror games then Sinister Edge is a must have VR game for your smartphone. This clever game combines the quick scares of a classic horror game with a fistful of adventure to keep you on the edge. You have to search through one of the creepiest buildings we’ve ever come across, solving clues and steering clear of the evil that lurks round the corner. The graphics are great and the controls are intuitive which all come together to create a must-play VR game. Download Sinister Edge

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