Oculus Rift – it finally launches

We’ve known about it for a couple of years, we’ve tested it for months, Facebook purchased the rights to it recently and now at last the Oculus Rift is about to become available for pre-order to the public. Yes it’s an astonishing piece of kit and arguably one of the most talked about gaming gadgets but be warned as it comes with a meaty price tag!

eve valkyrieSo what you ask is the Oculus Rift’s launch price? Well we can tell you that users in the UK will be forking out just shy of £500 for the initial package of games, headset, controller and sensor. In the following few months additional Oculus packages will be made available that will also include a computer with enough process power to play the games. Lets face it – this is a lot of money for the average gamer to splash out on and we reckon it won’t be until end of 2016 that the price will become more accessible (especially with the inevitable competitors, such as Nive, launching in Q1 2016).

Here at Therealitysandiwch we think the launch of the Oculus to the public is going to be a pivotal moment when it comes to the story of virtual reality. Although in its infancy, the opportunities for superior game playing, access to gig/music material and more will become readily available. Sure you can get yourself Google cardboard and have a glimpse of the potential but with the Oculus … turn on, strap in and experience virtual reality like you’ve never seen it before.

Once it becomes more accessible we’ll list the various retailers where you can purchase this great piece of kit.