Oculus Rift launch games

oculus rift With only a week left until Oculus Rift finally launches its VR headset to the public we thought we would take a look at the release titles that will accompany the launch. As most of our readers know we’ve reviewed quite a number however the following is a comprehensive list of game releases this month. Its important to note that Oculus have almost completed their Touch motion controllers. The controllers will open up the door to more immersive games such as I Expect You to Die, Edge of Nowhere, Job Simulator and Rock Band however it will be some time until they are released.

Oculus games

So here’s a list of games we can expect to see next Monday and their prices. As you can see the price range is fairly meaty from low cost, entry level games likes Adventure Time to the most costly Chronos at almost fifty dollars. The list is in alphabetical order and we’ve thrown in some basic reviews on a few of them. We recommend you check out our VR gaming resource for more reviews.

ADR1FT – $19.99

Adventure Time – $4.99

airmech commandAirMech: Command – $39.99
If you’re a fan of the action strategy genre then AirMech is a safe bet. The title has had numerous iterations over the past few years but this VR version will blow your mind. If you’ve not yet tried it playing any real-time strategy in VR is highly impactful and this version of AirMech nails it. There are a dizzying array of vehicles and customisation and is certainly highly recommended.

Albino Lullaby – $9.99

Audio Arena – $9.99

BlazeRush – $19.99

CARS – $49.99

Chronos – $49.99

Darknet – $9.99

Dead Secret – $14.99

Defense Grid 2 – $29.99

Dreadhalls – $9.99

Elite Dangerous – $59.99

esper 2
Esper 2
– $9.99
This is a great puzzle game where you have to use telekinesis in order to advance through the various levels. As you can expect Esper 2 uses head tracking for the telekinesis effects and its great fun to see objects whizzing through the air that are controlled by your brain. At just under 10 dollars this really is (excuse the pun) a no-brainer.

EVE Valkyrie – $59.99

Fly to KUMA – $14.99

EVE Gunjack – $9.99

Herobound SC – $9.99

keep talkingKeep Talking and Nobody Explodes -$14.99
If you don’t take your gaming too seriously then Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is one for you. Its designed more as a ‘party game’ where one person will take the role of a useless amateur bomb disposal expert whilst your friends will talk to you on how to defuse the explosives; ideally so you aren’t scattered in bits around the room. A fun game that will engage others around you.

Omega Agent – $14.99

Pinball FX2 VR – $14.99

Radial G – $24.99

Rooms – $14.99

Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe VR – $9.99

Smashing the Battle – $19.99

The Climb – $49.99

vanishing of ethanVanishing of Ethan Carter – $TBC
This game is a marvel to behold in its beauty and gameplay. The genre is a murder mystery with elements of the supernatural thrown in for good measure. If you are after a game that will showcase the power of VR to your friends then this is one for you.


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