Organ Quarter – VR horror game

organ quarterYes its another VR horror game but this one is special for two reasons 1) its has some of the finest graphics we’ve seen in some time and 2) its FREE!

Organ Quarter by Outer Brain Studios is a survival horror game even more menacing and sinister than Silent Hill. The action takes places in a very atmospheric environment devoid of life (as we know it!)

Survival horror game

The environments are really well created, they completely flood your eyes and brain with bizarre and surreal images. This helps confuse the mind and makes you feel very uncertain and insecure. Along with the surroundings various weird and strange beasts wonder around there’s one that looks like a tall creeping cockroach that’s pretty freaky.

organ quarter Thankfully you armed with a gun so can take out some of the creepy beings and escape this nightmare. Resources are however very scarce so don’t waste them.

Graphics are pretty impressive (just look at the game trailer) and to be honest the fact that its currently free to download means we can excuse the bugs; hopefully the developer will iron these out.

System requirements: HTC Vive / OS: Windows 7 / Processor: Intel i5-4590 / Memory: 8 GB RAM / Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 

Download Organ Quarter today from STEAM

4 stars