Out of ammo VR – review

out of ammo vrThe title of this game will be your dying thought for when you are indeed ‘Out of ammo’ you’ve pretty much had it. RocketWerkz have created one of this year’s most frantic virtual reality shooting games developed exclusively for the HTC VIVE.

Like other shooter games we’ve reviewed over the past few months ‘Out of ammo’ pits you against increasingly harder waves of enemy soldiers. There are two main differences with RocketWekz’s offering compared to others. Firstly, you get to choose between playing as a general or getting down and dirty as a foot soldier. Secondly, Out of ammo makes full use of motion tracking technology to really put you on the firing line.

A frantic VR shooter

Full game physics are used for objects within the game meaning you have greater control of what goes on around you; this is especially important when it comes to leaving spare bullet magazines within easy reach.

You’re also able to defend your position and build structures such as watchtowers and sandbags … all useful when you’re getting fired upon! Thankfully you can call upon the likes of air strikes and snipers to get at the enemies who really are entrenched.

When it comes to troop selection, it’s pretty decent. There are in fact five different playable units ranging from the powerful rocketeer unit through to the useful medic. It’s the sniper unit however that’s our favourite, using the semi-automatic bolt action rifle and taking out enemies in the distance is great fun. There’s also a good range of environments you get to engage in including alpine, a harbour and urban landscapes so it keeps the levels varied. Night time action certainly needs some skill and doggedness in order to progress.

out of ammo vr

As you can see the graphics are blocky but purposefully though … imagine Minecraft with guns and grenades but it all adds to the fun and frenetic gameplay. The soundtrack is also polished and fits well with the action. Overall it may have a few bugs but it is great fun and definitely worth playing.

Download an early access demo of Out of ammo now from STEAM.

4 stars