Pane in the glass – review

pane in the glassSo we’ve seen zombie bashing, baseball pitching and Storm trooper shooting but nothing is as random as window washing … and that’s precisely what you do in PANE IN THE GLASS.

We’ve all seen those crazy cleaners winch themselves up 100s of feet into the air (or abseil down) to ensure all those office workers can peer outside their windows. Well the guys at Rewind VR have created a way for you to experience it too.

Virtual reality window cleaners

You start off at ground level and gradually get winched up to higher and higher windows. Thankfully you’re prepared to hit those dirty windows with all you’ve got, ranging from a sponge, bucked and various materials. The more accurately you clean the windows the greater the points awarded.

a pane in the glass

As you can see the graphics are cartoony in their style and there’s even a Northener working man narrator (so no stereotyping there then!) to guide you and make silly puns and jokes. The environment on your platform is fairly immersive and there are various elements you can interact with; we particularly like it when you launch a wet sponge into the seagulls cocky face!

A fun virtual reality game for all the family so grab your squeegee and get cracking as the windows won’t clean themselves.

Download ‘A pane in the glass’ from STEAM.

System Requirements: OS – Windows 7 / Processor – Intel i7 / Memory – 16 GB RAM / Graphics – nVidia GTX 980

3 star