Path of greatest resistance – review

path of greatest resisitanceIf you’re into first person shooters and fancy kicking some alien ass then ‘Path of greatest resistance‘ by RealityRig is worth a look.

Available now from STEAM and compatible with the HTC Vive its your duty to protect what’s left of humanity and take down the robots. What makes ‘Path of greatest resistance’ is the game movement. You can either choose to play with a rail shooter mode (i.e. travel down set tracks) or their experimental ‘jog’ mode where if you jog in real life the game moves with you … a fun way of shifting those pounds.

VR FPS game

There are a number of missions you are tasked with completing. To help longevity with the game the developers have made it a semi-procedure generated game so every time you play it there is always some variance in game play.

There’s a decent variation in robot aliens. Some are spinning orbs aiming for your head, whilst others are more human like and will shoot you down. Thankfully you’re equipped with a bunch of weapons to help with your survival from dual firing pistols to a sword. In each mission you’re armed with a different selection of weapons to make it more challenging.

resistance ve

As you can see from the images and video the graphics are impressive especially for such a ridiculously low price.

It is available as Early Access so there is room for improvement by the developers but in the meantime its a fun virtual reality shooter that’s worth a download.

Get ‘Path of greatest resistance’ from STEAM today. 

Basic system requirements : OS: Windows 10 / Processor: Core i5 750 / memory: 4 GB RAM / Graphics: GeForce GTX 970

3 star