Phinnegan’s Factory

Phinnegan's FactoryIf you’re looking for a VR game that has some of the most extraordinary and unique art work then PHINNEGAN’S FACTORY is a good choice.

Developed by Mister Anderson the game really is a site for sore eyes. Its set in a futuristic steampunk-esque city or more specifically in Phinnegan’s Factott in the city of Steampuff.

If you’re a lazy gamer you probably won’t enjoy this much as you have to constantly move about, dodging and avoiding the enemies attempts to take you out. Enemies are the mechanical robot type (such as Killamari and Metal Slugs) and although the enemy type is quite limited, the way they explode in such as stylised way (even showing the name of the sound ie. Boom) is great fun.

Steampunk VR shooter

Over time the enemies get increasingly harder but thankfully you are armed with a chubby steam punk revolver that fires different projectiles to take them out. Currently in development are a couple of game modes including Adventure Mode and Endless Mode which pits you against ever increasing waves of enemies.

Phinnegan’s Factory is a startlingly pretty game with a thumping, atmospheric soundtrack. Yes it does suffer from limited variety in the enemy type but we’re sure the developers will be adding features on an ongoing basis. A great steampunk VR shooter.

Download Phinnegan’s Factory today from STEAM

Recommended set up – HTC Vive, OS: Windows 10, Processor: 5th gen intel, Memory: 16 GB RAM, Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1080 or equivalent

4 stars