Playstation VR – an update

Breaking news! PS VR will go on sale for around £350 at the end of the June … well that’s the latest bit of internet speculation courtesy of Gamereactor who noticed it advertised on the Swiss retailer Microspot site (mentioned by VRFocus earlier). Ok there’s no official price yet but interest in the PS VR is certainly hotting up.

playstation-headsetBut what, you ask, is all the fuss about? Well when one of the worlds gaming giants decides to develop a piece of kit that will immerse you into the game itself you’ve got to sit back and listen. So let’s have a look at what has actually been officially released by Sony for the aptly named ‘Morpheus’. Well firstly we know that the price and launch dates are still I’m afraid shrouded in mystery. Yes the opening gambit of this article states it but like most internet speculation it needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Over the last few months Sony have drip-fed images and demos into the public arena and thanks to this we know how good the headset looks. As you can see from the imagery Playstation’s VR headset is a futuristic black curved visor with some great detailing such as the LED lighting. Along with looks it’s been designed to be ergonomic and comfortable enabling you to play for long periods. Unlike its serious contender, Oculus Rift, it is also a lot, lot lighter in weight which is a massive plus point. Within the headset are built-in headphones and you’ll also have the option of plugging in your own head phones. Technically its a masterpiece. Expect to see crystal clear graphics thanks to its 5.7 inch 1080 resolution display. Visuals will also be kept smooth and lag-free thanks to a very high refresh rate and low latency. Check out our article on how VR headsets work if you want to learn more.

Unlike the pricing Sony have however been very open about the games that will launch on PlayStation VR … and they look truly stunning. Following are brief reviews for five of the most anticipated Playstation VR games due in 2016.


Golem looks truly unique. In a nut-shell (or a golem-shell) you play as a girl who basically gets to control golems in creepy and atmospheric environments. Its certainly unique in the gaming world and looks like it will be a good ‘un.

Ace Combat 7

The Ace  Combat series have always been crackers but limited thanks to the basic controller. Now however you’ll really feel what its like to be a Top Gun pilot. Although its still in its infancy Namco Bandai should hopefully make this a true classic.


If you’re into atmospheric sci-fi adventures then Pollen is right up your street. Basically its your mission to explore Titan (one of Saturns moons). Expect creepy build ups, plenty of suspense and heart-stopping surprises. Now you can really feel what its like to be Ridley!

EVE: Valkyrie

Another sci-fi game and this one is less creepy and more shooty. Its been in development for many years and it looks like its been worth it judging by the trailer. Expect enormous spaceships, alot of lasers and vast multi player universe.


If this won’t impress your mates then nothing will. RIGS is a bit of a stunner. The premise is that the olympics as you know it now involves large mechanised robots. You are strapped into one of them and off you go …  a true armchair athlete … with a great BIG gun.

Although The Reality Sandwich strives to bring you all the latest neews on PS VR we recommend you continue to check out Playstation’s own site to ensure your kept up to speed.