PlayStation’s VR launch bundle

ps vr packageWe’ve covered the Sony PlayStation VR offering for quite some time now so its great to see that they’ve announced what the launch bundle will entail. Sony are taking pre-orders for the PS VR from 22nd March so what can you expect?

Well firstly if you only just want the headset then expect to shell out around $400. However does the bundle offer good value for money? Well the package is an extra $100 and includes of course the headset plus 2 x Move motion controllers, a Camera (necessary for playing VR), and a copy of ‘PlayStation Worlds’ (mini-games that showcase the tech).

Is the PS VR good package good value?

If you look at all the elements separately then you are certainly saving money as the PlayStation Camera itself retails for $60 and just one Move controller would set you back $40; so overall the bundled package is good value.

ps vrWe think that PlayStation will open up VR gaming to a mass market thanks primarily to the fact that A) some 40 million gamers already own a PS4 and B) its a dam site cheaper compared to the Oculus Rift of HTC Vive and C) it will will work with close to 50 top games when it launches.

We for one have put in an order. Preorder the Playstation VR today from Amazon

five star rating