Pokémon Go – review

pokemon goIf you haven’t yet come across Pokémon Go you must be living in a cave! Its literally everywhere and has recently topped the app charts for iTunes and Google Play. This is what Augmented Reality needed to increase its mass market awareness. You can now see people from around the world visiting their local park, tourist attraction etc. head down, trying to locate one of the rare Pokemon creatures.
So what’s the fuss all about? Well Pokémon (‘pocket monster’ in Japanese) itself has been around for many years where its your goal to collect and train up various creatures each of which has its own special skills or abilities. With Pokémon Go, created by Niantic, you still have to collect creatures but thanks to your smart phone’s GPS and camera you can really get immersed into the Pokémon world.

Most successful AR app

There are a couple of common areas you’ll find in Pokémon Go including Pokéstops (generally found at landmarks) and Pokémon gyms, where you can train up your avatar. Generally the wild Pokémon can be located near their natural terrain i.e water based Pokémon will be found near lakes etc.

Once you encounter a Pokémon in your area you have to throw a Poké Ball in order to capture it. If successful the creature becomes yours and you’re awarded with candies or stardust (in game currency used to upgrade your Pokémon). Along with upgrading your Pokémon you can also increase your players experience at the gym or via various in-game tasks.
The ultimate goal of Pokémon Go is to locate all 151 Pokémon in the set. No easy task as there are some super rare Pokémon.
What’s the future hold for Pokémon Go? Well aside from playing it on your smartphone CapitolaVR have actually managed to get a version of it to work Microsoft’s HoloLens (an incredible piece of AR tech). Although only accessible to developers at the moment HoloLens will be a game changer when it eventually becomes available to consumers.
Download Pokémon GO for free and join the masses hunting down those allusive creatures.

4 stars