Proton Pulse

proton pulse vrHere’s one of favourite mobile sci-fi VR games out on the market – Proton Pulse. Many virtual reality enthusiasts would recognise the title as it was used to showcase some of the Oculus Rifts power. Thankfully the ZeroTransform team have decided to launch a full version for Google cardboard and other mobile headsets.

Proton Pulse mobile VR game

The game is very ‘Tron’ like with lots of neon, speed and a thumping soundtrack. The premise is similar to Pong in that you have to move your paddle around in a virtual reality environment in order to smash up various obstacles. It does get progressively harder but there are multiple power-ups you can use to progress through the levels. Overall the game really is good fun and certainly great value for money as there are over 50 unique levels and a variety of boss battles. ¬†Graphics are sharp and spot on without any noticeable lag or issues. The sound is also fantastic featuring a number of techno and atmospheric songs including contributions from the likes of Dave Anson and Danimal Cannon.

We’re sure we’ll see further iterations of this game however at this moment in time its certainly worth a download.

3 star rating

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