Quar: Battle for Gate 18 – review

quar vrIf you’re looking for a high quality turn based virtual reality strategy game then QUAR: Battle for Gate 18 is hard to beat. Launched exclusively for the HTC VIVE and available via STEAM the developers Steel Wool Games have made a real effort go create something original.

The premise of the story is that you’re an army commander in a 700 year long war between the Quar’s and the Crusaders. There are a number of gate posts around this world and the action climaxes at gate 18 (hence the title). If you enjoyed game mechanics similar to ‘A legend of Luca’ then Battle for Gate 18 should be a fun choice. Yes its a point and click game but the main difference between this and others is that you are able to select individual units and/ or the entire army … and then choose their special move. There is actually a decent amount of variety when it comes to unit types, in fact there are 18 varieties from the traditional snipers and cavalry through to armoured tractors.

quar battle for 18

As Quar has been designed for VR headsets you are able to fly majestically over the action or alternatively get down and dirty on the battlefield, zooming right up to your units. Overall the graphics, VR mechanics, soundtrack and game play are impressive but our biggest gripe would be the longevity of the game as it rather short and the story could have been extended somewhat. That said Quar: Battle for Gate 18 is certainly worth a play if you’re into strategy style games. Steel Wool has created Quar with room-scale support for the HTC Vive and will be looking at other compatibility further down the line.

Download QUAR from STEAM or check out the Steel Wool Games site for more info.

4 stars