Random42 may not have super jets, slithering zombies or naked babes on it but its still an interesting virtual reality experience. If you’ve ever been interested in biology or in science in general then Random42 is for you as it takes you on 3D tour of the human body.

Created for basic VR headsets such as Google Cardboard, Random42 (created by people of the same name) allows watchers to see an experience an accurate version of the human body. If you’ve ever fancied recreating InnerSpace (classic 80s film where a man is shrunk and injected into a body) then this is a good starter.

Your virtual reality body

random42 app
You’ll get to see loads of interesting structures float past you as whiz around the body. One moment you’ll come across a bunch of blood red calls and the next minute you’ll be travelling along arteries and checking out the heart. In fact you even get to see the brain synapses firing as they respond to stimuli. And its not as if Random42 are making this up on the spot. They regularly work with a number of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech industries, producing digital assets for over 550 global pharma products.

If you are an individual interested in the human body or a teacher and want to take your pupils through an interactive journey of the body then Random42 is for you. Although in its infancy it really does showcase the power that VR can deliver.
Download it today from the App Store or check out their site for more detail.

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