‘Raw Data’ new coop VR game

raw dataRaw Data is the new first person VR game by Survios developed for the HTC Vive. In facts its one of the first ever cooperative games that have come out and looks like a true winner. Traditionally Survios have focused on hardware such as controllers and VR headsets however this new game demonstrates the power of what Active VR could achieve.

So what is Active VR? Well firstly the term has been coined by the Survios team and would involve six different elements such as embodiment (ie a virtual body that interacts with the environment), shared space (interacting with others in the same space) and immersion (being deluged with sounds and other stimuli in the environment). They have managed to achieve this and so much more with Raw Data. In Raw Data you and a friend are kitted up with a selection of weapons and you have to take down killer robots. You can move around freely and interact in the virtual environment giving you a sense of freedom

Raw Data is still in production but was successfully demoed at a VR event in LA to positive acclaim. Keep those eyes peeled for a release date and further demo’s.