Resident Evil 7 Biohazard – VR review

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Resident Evil has always seemed to be around, we can’t recall a time when there wasn’t a version available to play. Well the good news is this franchise (although it suffered a bit over the last few years) has come home to roost with an exhilarating classic in Biohazard.

Now most PlayStation VR owners have not had the choice and variety that Oculus Rift and HTC Vive owners have had but games like Resident Evil 7 make up all the difference. We would rather see one decent virtual reality game than a bunch of 40 – 50 mediocre games. Although not created exclusively for the PS VR its believed approx 10 percent of gamers are playing the game with their PSVR headsets.

In the latest Resident Evil game you take the perspective of Ethan as he tries to protect his girlfriend from the ridiculously creepy and harrowing Baker family. This time round the T-Virus (the infection that turns people into the un-dead) has evolved and the people infected start to deteriorate which you’ll see unnervingly up close and personal!

resident evil 7The graphics and detailing are particularly impressive and its been designed being both full 4K and HDR compatible. If you are playing this on a screen as opposed to a headset definitely make sure its a 4k screen … or should we say 4k scream! If you watch the Resident Evil 7 game trailer below you’ll see how sublime the graphics are, helping to create a true sense of realism however its the sound design that takes the fear factor up a notch. The game lures you into a sense of comfort before menacing and eerie noises starts putting you on edge. Inevitably you’ll be spinning around to see what nasties lay behind you … only to find nothing there and putting you on edge again. 

The VR compatibility has been well thought through and the developers (Capcom) offer headset users a range of options including head movement. That said you won’t achieve the graphic quality on the headset and movement can at times come across as a bit clunky when you’re in the virtual world. However there’s one thing playing Resident Evil 7 on a screen and another entering the world via the headset … we’re sure there’ll be times when you need to remove your PSVR for fear of what’s in the room with you. 

Overall a very enjoyable and great looking game that should have Resident Evil, horror and just plain-old gamers cr*pping their pants

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Horror / Survival 

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five star rating