Rexodus VR – review

rexodusIf you’ve not yet come across the world of Rexodus we can tell you one thing – it’s certainly different. Created by Steelehouse Productions, Rexodus VR is based on the popular Dark Horse Graphic Novel.

Rexodus is a short cinematic virtual reality experience featuring dinosaurs in space with very big guns. One thing you’ll notice when you load up this demo is how good the graphics are. The detailing and visuals are excellent and you can immediately tell that the production team have done a great job creating a fantastic immersive environment.

Rexodus virtual reality

In this VR short (circa 5 minutes) you take the first person perspective of a crew member who is helping to save the galaxy from the ‘Black Blood’. You also come across one of the main characters, Amber Dixon, a teenager who has accidentally found her way into this galaxy. Sure it helps that you are familiar with the Rexodus plot and storyline but you’ll still enjoy it none the less if you rexodus vrare a newbie.

Overall this is a great virtual reality film that will certainly impress anyone who dons a VR headset. Minimum requirements for the Rexodus demo are a GTX 970 with 8GB of RAM. You can download the demo now from VRIDEO.

3 star