Rez Infinite – Playstation VR

rez infinite logoIf ever a justification were needed for a game to be enhanced by VR then Rez Infinite is it.

Originally released back in 2001 by the highly creative Tetsuya Mizguchi for the PS2, this classic game has had a revamp and come out looking and feeling like a million dollars for the PS VR.

So for the uninitiated Rez Infinite has you flying magically through a trippy environment accompanied by a thumping techno soundtrack filling your lug-holes with the rhythmic sounds of exploding galaxies!!

The game play itself is fairly simple in that you have to look around at targets whilst holding the X button, which when released will shoot them down. There are various modes including the arcade mode which in itself is short (five stages made up of 10 levels each) but gets increasingly more challenging. There are also bonus modes which adds another layer of longevity to the game.

rez infiniteWhilst shooting the enemies you’re meant to try and accumulate evolution points which after a certain quota will evolve your character. Evolution will mean a slightly tougher character with the result that you can take more hits.

An assault on the senses

If you watch the Rez Infinite game trailer below you’ll see just how stylised and impressive the graphics are. The fact that you are now immersed into the Rez world through VR makes it truly come to life and you’ll be ooo’ing and aaa’ing as you play the various levels.

Along with its sublime and surreal graphics the main draw of Rez Infinite is its incredible soundtrack. The music seems to blend seamlessly with the ongoing action to create one overall impressive package; you literally get sucked into the tunes and we bet you’ll be tapping your foot along to the beats.

Rez Infinite is certainly one of the best VR games for the PlayStation VR and a must play for fans of virtual reality gaming, deservedly receiving a five out of five star score.

five star rating