RIGS – PlayStation VR

rigs vr logoCreated by Guerilla Games (of Killzone fame) RIGS is one of PS VR’s finest multiplayer releases so far.

So what is RIGS all about then? Well think how the future of sports may look like if violence, metal and space combined to become one. You (along with two other team mates) are strapped into giant mechanised robots in order to with the highly prized Mechanized Combat League.

Giant robot VR battles

There are various different game modes in RIGS to choose from. You can start in the single player career mode where you have to train and earn fame as a RIGS pilot. The more matches you win the more currency you earn, which you can then use to buy bigger and more powerful RIGS. However its in the multiplayer games that RIGS comes alive. Experience mayhem and tactics through the hugely exciting and explosive 3 Vs 3 multiplayer levels.

rigs vr gameplay

In addition to the game modes there are various game types to select from Powerslam (jump through the opposition goal) and Endzone (control a holographic ball) through to the simple and brutal Team Takedown where you have to annihilate each other with various weaponry.

To keep longevity with the game there are four very different arenas to play in and the experience of scale the developers achieve is very impressive. Along with the arena type you are also able to choose from a bunch of different abilities such as Engineer, used to heal others.

When it comes to movement the RIGS are controlled using the PS VR’s controllers however the aiming of weapons is through your perspective i.e. your gaze which can take some getting used to. If you’re new to VR gaming you may want to use the peripheral vision mask option which helps to minimise any feelings of nausea.

Overall the graphics are top notch and from the RIGS trailer below you’ll see how great the environments look when you’re leaping and bounding around. Over time we’re sure the number of multiplayer games will increase in volume for the PS VR but in the meantime if you’re looking for a fun and frantic futuristic multiplayer VR shooter then RIGS: Mechanized Combat League is it.

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4 stars