RollerForce – review

rollerforceWe like roller-coasters, we like shooting things but until now we couldn’t combine the two … well thank goodness for Headtrip Games and their latest VR title RollerForce!

RollerForce is actually a very good looking VR action game with some impressive game mechanics. Created for the HTC Vive you are strapped into a futuristic roller-coaster with the ultimate goal of surviving the ride.

VR roller-coaster action

As a basic set up you have dual wielding blasters that fire out rocket-type projectiles. These projectiles are used to take out the collection of bizarre enemies and obstacles; the flying rockets and accompanying explosions are particularly impressive.

rollerforce vr

The VR physics are also top-notch and thankfully any motion sickness that may have been experience is minimal.

Overall there is a very respectable ten tracks to ride along across two vast worlds. So what you waiting for, strap yourself in, load up and enjoy the ride …

Download RollerForce today from STEAM.

System Requirements: HTC Vive / OS: Win 7,8,10 / Processor: i5 / Memory: 4 GB RAM / Graphics: GeForce GTX 970

4 stars